The smart and easy way to operate the VARIODYN D1 System

We are excited to introduce our new Ethernet Touch Call Station - ETCS. Bringing a complete new and intuitive way of operating the VARIODYN D1 System with a 7" touch screen. In public address functionality, the new ETCS offers a simple and flexible handling of complex operations, just like modern smart phones. Only one small device is needed to choose zones, announcements or other functions in large installations. 

This new call station doesn’t just replace the conventional button call station into a 7" Color LCD with touch functionality, there are other new features to support the perfect experience. Additionally, to the well-known and proven features like integrated speaker for pre-listening, audio in/out, LED status indication, emergency announcement button and necessary monitoring to EN 54-16 the new ETCS provides: 

  • Connection to VARIODYN system by redundant Ethernet ports
  • Powering of the ETCS via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or external power supply
  • Remote monitoring and configuration via the network
  • Multilingual Graphical User Interface GUI
  • Access control with different user levels
  • Internal speech or audio memory up to 27 hour
  • Live recording, replay and scheduler functions
  • Play audio/music files directly from connected USB device
  • Checking of active call list, system fault list and recent calls in any page
  • Upload & Download of complete D1 configuration file via D1 Designer software

Although the new ETCS is completely operated by the 7" touch screen, up to 3 Digital Key Modules DKM Plus with 18 buttons each can add a standard button operation if needed. 

The configuration of the new ETCS is done by the touch screen and like the complete VARIODYN D1 system in the D1 Designer configuration software. As a minimum the version xxxxx is necessary. 

Together with our standard button Call Station DCS Plus and Fire Call Stations DCSF, the Ethernet Touch Call Station ETCS complements our portfolio of operating voice alarm and public address in the best suitable way for every situation. 

Visit the product pages on our website for more detailed information about the new ETCS.