Ethernet Touch Call Station

583527 | Ethernet Touch Call Station

ETCS adopts 7’ touch screen for display and operation which provides a user-friendly interface. 4 bi-color LEDs are used for status indications which include microphone fault indication, system fault indication and connection states of two redundant cables. A red button with cover can be configured for emergency announcement. The gooseneck microphone is replaceable and monitored by ETCS. The loudspeaker can be used for pre-listening audio locally and intercom between the call stations.

ETCS is prepared for redundant cable connection to the Ethernet network. It can be powered by PoE devices through the Ethernet cable or with a power adapter. USB stick can be connected to ETCS to make it easy to play external audio files. ETCS provides an external audio input and output which can be used for connecting audio devices such as CD players. If more keys and/or LEDs are needed, it is possible to add up to three digital key modules (DKM plus, 583526).

ETCS can monitor the microphone and cables permanently. It can also be monitored and configured via the network. It supports multi-language display and the languages can be switched dynamically without resetting the device. It also supports playback the recent call quickly. There are three types of user permissions which can provide different layouts and operations for each user. Up to 27 h. speech or audio can be saved and played locally. Two icons are used to indicate if there is any call been activated or system fault been occurred. Active call list, system fault list and recent call list can easily be checked in any page.

ETCS supports manual calls or pre-defined calls or schedule calls as home page. For manual calls, after selecting the target zones and/or groups, four different audio sources can be selected which include USB stick audio, local storage audio, network audio and live announcement. For pre-defined calls, when the call is activated, it will directly play pre-recorded messages on target zones/groups which are all configured in advance by configuration tool. The call volume can be adjusted during the calls. For schedule calls, after configuring the call parameters and playback time, it will directly start at the specified time.



  • 7’ touch screen and user friendly interface
  • 4 bi-color LEDs for status indication
  • A red button with cover for emergency announcement
  • Replaceable electret gooseneck microphone with uni-directional pattern
  • Loudspeaker for pre-listening audio locally and intercom between the call stations (ETCS and DCS series)
  • High failure safety due to redundant transmission route
  • Network cable via Ethernet
  • Powered by PoE devices or external power adapter
  • USB stick can be connected to play audio files
  • Additional audio input/output for audio devices
  • Max 3 key modules (DKM plus) which has 18 keys and 18 LEDs each can be extended
  • Permanent monitoring of the microphone and cables
  • Remote monitoring and configuration via the network
  • Support multi-language display
  • Three types of user permissions for different layouts and operations
  • Speech or audio memory up to 27 h.
  • Active call list, system fault list and recent call list can easily be checked in any page
  • Support manual calls, pre-defined calls and schedule calls which can be set as home page
  • Volume can be adjusted during the calls

Technical Data

Rated voltage 
Audio latenzy 
Output channels 
Audio Transmission Format 
Output impedance 
Frequency response 
Nominal output level 
Audio output: 
Interference Voltage DistanceLine 
Interference voltage ratioMicrophone 
frequency response line 
frequency response microphone 
Nominal line input level 
Nomminal input levvel microphone 
audio input channels 
Short-circuit proof against + 24 V 
load current per output 
input resistance 
input voltage logical 0 
input voltage 1 
Input voltage 
audio storage 
Sampling rate 
Voltage supply 
Power consumption 
Max. external voltage 
Voltage of loudspeaker output 
Max. number of lines per moduel 
Max Power per line 
Max. number of modules per INC 
Operation temperature 
Channel separation 
Distortion factor @ 1 kHz 
Signal to noise ratio 
Input level 
Output power *8 
Current (1 kHz sinus/1 min.) @ 24 V DC *7 
Rated current @ 230 V AC *6 
Rated current @ 24 V DC*6 
Rated frequency 
Emergency power supply 
Operating voltage 
Operating voltage 
Current consumption @ 12 V DC 
Current consumption @ 24 V DC 
Power consumption 
6 W
Rated voltage 
Output voltage 
Output current 
Contact load relay 
Data transmission speed 
Transmission distance 
Transmission range 
0 Hz ... 20 Hz
System input impedance 
Channel separation 
Harmonic distortion at nominal level 
Sound level 
Ambient temperature 
-5 °C ... 45 °C
Storage temperature 
Air humidity 
Air humidity 
Type of protection 
black, similar to RAL 9005
approx. 1,65 kg
W: 200 mm D: 200 mm L: 49,4 mm
L: 400 mm Length goose neck microphone
Declaration of Performance 
Output current (idle) 
Output current (alarm) 
Emergency power supply 


583526 Digital key module DKM plus for ETCS

583396 Power over ethernet (PoE) switch

Scope of delivery

A 3 m long CAT5 cable for connecting the digital communication unit to a wall jack, is included in delivery.

Product Data Sheet

Version: 2022-01

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