Innovative Fire Detection for Conventional Use - ES Detect by ESSER

Neuss, 23 September 2014 - ES Detect is a microprocessor-driven non-addressable fire alarm for conventional use, which is setting new standards: in addition to intelligent algorithms for early fire detection, this innovative recipient of the GIT Award 2015 features integrated drift compensation. The operating time of the fire alarm prescribed by the DIN 14675 standard can be extended to 8 years, instead of the customary five!

ES Detect provides a wide range of different alarm systems, including the OTblue and O²T multisensor detectors, so that in the conventional use all the parameter advantages can be used even under difficult ambient conditions. The ES Detect also leaves conventional standard detectors behind in terms of ease of maintenance, since measurements, degrees of pollution, alarm counters, and operating hours can be read.

In combination with the small ES Line control unit, the highest level of fire protection is made possible specifically for smaller objects, such as kindergartens, offices, clinics, pharmacies, and comparable projects.