Application and experience of multi-sensor detectors

Early detection of fire phenomena characteristics

Secure police custody – ESSER wireless technology protects cells from fire risks - Wuppertal Police Headquarter

These days there is hardly a place left where one does not come into contact with some form of radio waves.Whether clock radios, temperature measuring stations, remote controls for various electronic devices or the German’s dearest toy, the mobile phone; for the most part, all devices send and/or receive their signal via radio waves and work within an exact frequency range in order to carry out...

Object Report International Maritime Museum Hamburg

Fire Protection for 3,000 years of maritime history on an exhibition area of 11,500m²

The LBS gives ESSER a Home

Despite having been built on a huge area of more than 45,000 m2, the service center of the LBS Baden-Württemberg (home savings and loan association of Baden-Württemberg) in Stuttgart, Germany, does not give the usual impression of a massive lump, as is the case with many office buildings. Idyllically framed by vineyards, divided into a multitude of various medium sized and smaller units and...

Synergy effects when using ESSER fire detection and voice alarm components in connection with Ackermann clino nurse call system

Immediate and targeted information of the care personnel is of special importance for an early evacuation. Coupling the fire detection system with the nurse call system provides valuable time advantages: Both systems are connected in such a way that a fire alert is also represented in plain speech on the nurse call system displays - for example in the duty rooms or via the DECT telephones. In this...