ESSER Mobile Apps

The “Mobile Devices” mega trend is taking over almost all aspects of our daily lives, and is hard to avoid. Against this background, we provide relevant support to our business partners, and we have made some tools available for that purpose. Moreover, these apps are adding a significant amount of value for all of our users. 

ESSER Remote Access (ERA) makes Service and Installation easy

As soon as a site is equipped with ESSER Remote Access, the local firefighting service can be given access to the available information as well. The advantages are obvious: using the web interface, the alarm data are displayed on a mobile terminal device. The firefighters can establish which fire detector triggered the notifications while they are still on their way to the deployment location. This eliminates the need for an investigation inside the buil¬ding, which saves time. Advance information can help decide if special equipment or reinforcements are needed. Furthermore, additional information such as floor plans, photos, or videos of the site can be viewed, which facilitates a safe entry to the building.

Electronic product group catalog

With this new electronic catalog for the Fire Detection, Voice Alarm and Management Systems of the ESSER brand, you are always up-to-date. Online and offline access to the entire product portfolio is one way to use it; the management of individual project lists and the generation of material lists for distribution by e-mail are others. A comprehensive and convenient search function will support you in your research.

IQ8Quad - Which fire detector for which application?

You will get an immediate answer from IQ8Quad Selector, the new app for the professional. The electronic projection tool facilitates making the right selection from the broad range of our fire detectors for corresponding applications. Moreover, it contains important additional information about the individual items, as well as corresponding sound reproduction, if applicable. This app is already available in an iOS as well as in an Android version.