The essernet is a short circuit and open circuit resistant 2-wire backbone for networking fire detection from the ESSER product range. The essernet permits both hierarchy-restricted and hierarchy-free programming of panels. The essernet has been tested and approved by the VdS. The hardware components are listed in the respective equipment approvals of the fire detection panels.

Up to 31 panels can be networked with each other in a ring loop. Superior functions and functions covering different panels can be programmed. The status of the entire system can be read off on anything from one to all panels as desired. Likewise, the system can be operated entirely from one panel.

Networking can be carried out via a simple telecommunication cable, e.g. IY-ST-Y 2 x 0.8 mm, with corresponding essernet module 62.5 kBd Part No. 784840.10 or using a data cable, e.g. IBM type 1 as well as CAT5 cable, with corresponding essernet module 500 kBd Part No. 784841.10 With the essernet repeaters, cable distances of up to 3000 m between two panels are possible. An optical fiber is possible with the converters, which are listed below.

Third-party or management systems (e.g. WINMAGplus, FlexES Guard) can be connected via the serial essernet interface (SEI).