The essernet is a short circuit and open circuit resistant 2-wire backbone for networking fire detection from the ESSER product range. The essernet permits both hierarchy-restricted and hierarchy-free programming of panels. The essernet has been tested and approved by the VdS. The hardware components are listed in the respective equipment approvals of the fire detection panels. Up to 31 panels can be networked with each other in a ring loop. Superior functions and functions covering different panels can be programmed. The status of the entire system can be read off on anything from one to all panels as desired. Likewise, the system can be operated entirely from one panel. Networking can be carried out via a simple telecommunication cable, e.g. IY-ST-Y 2 x 0.8 mm, with corresponding essernet module 62.5 kBd Part No. 784840.10 or using a data cable, e.g. IBM type 1 as well as CAT5 cable, with corresponding essernet module 500 kBd Part No. 784841.10 With the essernet repeaters, cable distances of up to 3000 m between two panels are possible. An optical fiber is possible with the converters, which are listed below. Third-party or management systems (e.g. WINMAGplus, FlexES Guard) can be connected via the serial essernet interface (SEI).

Multiprotocol Gateway (MPG)

Gateway for protocol conversion of the essernet data protocol into different standard software protocols. The MBS Universal Gateways serve as the communication interface for the various communication protocols in industrial and building automation. All important communication protocols are available, the MBS Universal Gateways offer the right solution for almost every requirement. Select your communication protocol in the MBS Gateway Configurator and where it should be translated. Device configuration is carried out based on one text file per protocol driver as well as one other text file which sets the connections between essernet object statuses to those of another protocol. This is advantageous as it allows for easy revision with small changes, especially when the naming conventions are adhered to in the target protocol. The basic configuration is created under specification of the target protocol by conversion of project data export of the programming software 'tools 8000' which results in a format that can be loaded by the gateway. The gateway is equipped with an access-restricted web user-interface with independent user management. This facilitates the upload of project data, remote diagnostics, status query of all data points and, if the corresponding ESSER modules used, switching via the gateway without additional software. Hardware with different performance levels is available for varying project requirements. Thus it is possible to choose the most cost-effective model according to the type of target protocol and number of connections required from the essernet data protocol into the selected target protocol. Service for installers: Different gateway services are available. These services cover everything from calculating data points to selecting suitable hardware, from creating loadable project planning for the gateways to designing project-specific macros, as well as on-site start-up commissioning support done by our contractor MBS in Krefeld. For further support of existing gateways, training can be offered by the manufacturer as well. This allows maintenance or expansion/reprogramming in the object by trained personnel, for example, if a system has been extended and the resulting new data points are to be transmitted to the target protocol. Different gateway models currently available: e.g. ESSER Data Protocol (EDP) to: BACnet Client/Server, OPC Server, MODBUS IP, EIB/Instabus, LONTalk, PROFIBUS-DP, etc Please purchase all gateway models as well as commissioning and other services from the manufacturer MBS GmbH in Germany: MBS GmbH Roemerstrasse 15 D-47809 Krefeld/Germany Tel. +49 2151 7294-0 Fax +49 2151 7294-50 Please take note: For usage of the Esser-Data-Protocol (EDP) a project-specific approval by Novar GmbH is required. Please click here for the online configurator of the MBS-Gateway: or simply use the Excel spreadsheet to determine the suitable MPG solution.