WINMAG plus Option CMSI

WM3260 | WINMAG plus Option CMSI

New version of WINMAG plus 6 new user interface, new software architecture and pay-as-you-go license model... (scalable pricing software solution based on data points).

The V06 from WINMAG plus offers a new user interface with improved menu and user guidance, a new, more flexible license model and a new software architecture. In addition, the V06 provides extended support for drivers for fire and intrusion alarm systems, video and access control systems as well as escape route technology / escape door control and voice alarming from Honeywell and the integration of systems from various third-party manufacturers.

The new software architecture of the WINMAG plus V06 is suitable for high-quality private properties as well as for global enterprise solutions with distributed locations.

Previous WINMAG plus installations can easily be migrated to the new version V06 so that current installations can maintained in a future-proof manner or can be easily migratated at a suitable time and thus planning security is guaranteed.

The new license model of the V06 allows an easier to way to license WINMAG plus based an individual needs. In this pay-as-you-go model, data point packages are offered that can be used for interfaces or connected devices or systems to be integrated.

An important functional enhancement for the installer is the simplified creation of workflows and an customizable user interface.

The new WINMAG plus V06 (like the current V05) manages and visualizes intrusion detection technology, fire detection technology, access control technology, video technology, escape raute technology / escape door control under one common user interface. Messages are displayed graphically or in text form. WINMAG plus can be easily customized based an the customers request. The range starts from structured workflows up to the active control of all connected components.



  • Modular design and freely programmable
  • Direct control of the users in the network
  • Measures catalog for emergency services
  • Individual assignment of user rights - priority control
  • Simulation functions integrated
  • Extensive logging of events and operations
  • Webbased protocol analysis
  • Visualisation of messages
  • Up to 12 active graphics can be displayed simultaneously
  • Integration of video sequences possible
  • Output of information via Window print manager to several printers, etc.
  • 10 graphics printers possible per workstation
  • Time programmes/calendar function
  • Standardfeature via integrated database
  • Via WINMAG plus other programmes can be activated
  • Powerful programming language SIAS for customer specific adaptation ofthe surface and sequences in case of alarm
  • Remote control via modern possible as an option
  • Optional with 3D integration
  • Current languages are available of WINMAG plus: German, English, Czech, Spanish, French, Hungarian, ltalian, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Croatian, Slovakian, Polish, Chinese
  • Respective program version on request

Technical Data

Rated voltage 
Leistungsaufnahme und DAS-Ausgang unter 48 V 
Leistungsaufnahme und DAS-Ausgang unter 24 V 
DAS Ausgangsspannung (nur positive Sicherheit) 
Eingang der Spannungsversorgung 
Spannungsfernbedienungseingang mit Spannungsemission 
Spannung_Fernbedienungseingang mit Stromunterbrechung 
Rated voltage 
Rated frequency 
Nominal frequency 
Rated current 
Operating voltage 
Operating voltage 
Operating voltage 
Output voltage 
Rated current 
Output voltage 
Output current 
Output current 
Quiescent current 
Quiescent current @ 12 V DC 
Current consumption 
Current consumption 
Current consumption @ 12 V DC 
Current consumption @ 24 V DC 
Alarm current @ 12 V DC 
Current consumption for ext. devices 
Belastbarkeit pro Ausgang 
Power consumption 
Battery capacity 
Contact load relay 
Contact load 
Connection terminal 
Holding power 
Cable entry 
Application temperature 
Ambient temperature 
Storage temperature 
Ambient conditions 
Air humidity 
Air humidity 
Type of protection 
Color front plate 
Cable length 
Declaration of Performance 

Additional information

Hardware- and software requirements:

Up to 10.000 data points:

- Intel 15 or higher

- min. 8 GB RAM

Up to 30.000 data points:

- Intel 17 or higher

- min.16 GB RAM

More than 30.000 data points:

- lntelXeon

- min. 64 GB RAM


- min.1 TB free disc space (RAID-1 System recommended)

- compatible with 64 bit operating systems:

Windows Server 2008 R2 (Foundation-Version not available)

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 8/8.1 (without RT)

Windows Server 2012 R2 (Foundation-Version not available)

Windows Server 2016 (Foundation-Version not available)

Windows Server 2019 (Foundation-Version not available)

Windows 10 version

For installation an unrestricted admin account is required.

For ordering WINMAG plus and/or additional licenses please use the WINMAG plus order form.



Product Data Sheet

Version: 2024-06

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