Power supply PSU 24 V-1

581726 | Power supply PSU 24 V-1
The PSU 24V-1 power supply is designed to work with the INTEVIO PA/VA System. It acts as a battery charger and control device for 24 VDC external back up batteries in accordance with EN 54-4+A1+A2 standards.
The front panel includes LED indicators, control push button and USB socket, allowing control and test of power supply operating parameters. All connections are located at the rear of the unit, which has two confi guration options: all 6 outputs providing the same current or 2 of the 6 with increased current-carrying capacity. The power supply meets all requirements of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe No. 305/2011 of 9 March 2011 [CPR]. It holds certifi cate of constancy of parameters CNBOP No. 1438-CPR-0496.
  • High power backup ower supply for 19” rack
  • High output current, up to 200 A @ 24 VDC
  • Management of one battery circuit
  • Max. capacity of batteries 270 Ah
  • Battery circuits resistance tests
  • Balancing voltage level of batteries inseries
  • Temperature compensation of bulk charging and floating voltage
  • Advanced diagnostic and status indication
  • Built-in DC power distribution panel and low voltage disconnect device LVDD
  • Option to start system with only battery power, w/o mains source present – so called cold start
  • Built-in gauge of battery circuit resistance
  • UI characteristics of battery charging
  • Ability to work in floating mode or with discontinuous battery charging
  • Single phase power with PFC
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Digital communication via USB connector
  • Operation with various acid batteries


  • 4 LEDs indication of the power supply’s operation
  • Push button to choose cold start and reset faults
  • USB connector on the front panel
  • Screw terminals M8 for battery connection
  • Four standard outputs to power amplifiers
  • Two outputs with increased current carrying capacity to power amplifiers
  • Six additional outputs of uninterruptible voltage
  • Standard blade fuses (car style) on all outputs
  • Internal device to disconnect battery – low voltage disconnects device (LVDD)
  • Terminals for remote indication (three contacts for each signal): general fault, battery fault and mains failure
  • Connector for input of external fault signal (active state is when open, referenced to the common negative bus of the power supply)
  • Socket for external temperature probe (included)
  • IEC terminal for mains connection
  • Internal fans, activated by the controller

Technical Data

Rated voltage 
230 V AC
Rated frequency 
Emergency power supply 
Operating voltage 
24 V DC
Operating voltage 
Current consumption @ 12 V DC 
Current consumption @ 24 V DC 
Power consumption 
Rated voltage 
Output voltage 
Output current 
Contact load relay 
Data transmission speed 
Transmission distance 
Transmission range 
Load impedance 
Channel separation 
Harmonic distortion at nominal level 
Sound level 
Ambient temperature 
-5 °C ... 45 °C (forced by fans)
Storage temperature 
Air humidity 
Air humidity 
Type of protection 
IP 20 (To comply with the standard EN 54-16 the power supplies have to be mounted in 19” rack cabinets of IP 30)
approx. 4,9 kg (netto)
W: 483 mm H: 43 mm D: 330 mm
Declaration of Performance 

Additional information

Functions Of The Power Supply • Temperature dependence of floating voltage and charging voltage • Charging mode with current limitation depending on chosen battery capacity • Operation in charging modes: bulk, balancing and supplementary charging • Monitoring of low and high battery voltage • Monitoring battery circuits continuity as well as measurement of battery circuits resistance • Battery bank over-charge protection • Monitoring the output fuses • Monitoring operation of the charger • Measurement of internal temperature • Digital measurement of voltages, current and temperature • Optical and remote indication of faults • Option to accept and manage the external fault signal • Option to set up the initial capacity of cooperating battery by DIP switch on the back panel • Option to set up the level of maximum battery circuit resistance by DIP switch on the back panel

Product Data Sheet

Version: 2020-04

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