esserbus transponder for special detectors

808623.40 | esserbus transponder for special detectors

For connection of special detectors and associated reset functions with evaluation of pre-alarm, fault and alarm. The transponder module can be adapted to the different reset behaviour of the connected special detectors.

The inputs and outputs of the transponder can be linked together in such a way that switching on or resetting a signal input leads to short-term activation of the reset input of the special detector. In order, to support various special detectors, the inputs of the transponder can be programmed with a suppression time of up to 255 seconds at reset.



  • 4 detector group inputs for conventional connection of special fire detectors
  • Line monitoring acc. to EN 54-13 possible
  • Integrated loop isolator
  • 2 programmable relay outputs for reset of the special detector with flexible reset times

Technical Data

Rated voltage 
Rated voltage 
Operating voltage 
10 ... 28 V DC
External power supply 
Rated frequency 
Rated current 
Quiescent current 
Quiescent current @ 12 V DC 
approx. 12 mA
Quiescent current @ 19 V DC 
Alarm current @ 12 V DC 
Alarm current 
Current consumption 
max. 120 mA @ 12 V DC
Current consumption 
Current consumption @ 12 V DC 
Current consumption @ 24 V DC 
Contact load relay 
30 V DC / 1 A
No. of detector/zone 
Operation indicator 
Alarm display 
Connection terminal 
Application temperature 
Ambient temperature 
-10 °C ... 50 °C
Storage temperature 
Air humidity 
< 95 %
Air humidity 
Type of protection 
IP 40 (in housing)
approx. 28 g
W: 82 mm H: 72 mm D: 20 mm
Declaration of Performance 


781137 DC/DC converter output voltage 24 V DC for the standard-compliant monitoring of the power supply

808624 EOL-O terminating device for the standard-compliant monitoring of the power supply

Additional information

The transponder can only be operated at a FlexES Control with the above mentioned features. At IQ8Control and Compact series control panels, the loop devices behaves like an Alarm transponder.

Minimum requirements:

Tools 8000 ≥ V1.25R000

FlexES Control ≥ V4.07R000 (Container V1.06)

Product Data Sheet

Version: 2022-01

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