Introducing INTEVIO - Voice Alarm Made Simple

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new PA/VA System from Honeywell. INTEVIO is an innovative, EN54-16 approved, Public Address and Voice Alarm solution for small and mid-size buildings.

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INTEVIO offers the benefits of a state of the art PA/VA system in one simple to use, cost effective system. INTEVIO's real dual channel audio matrix has a total capacity of 128 loudspeaker zones, achieving high quality sound reproduction performance. With live paging, digital volume control, automatic triggering, dynamic power amplifier backup and comprehensive supervision now INTEVIO makes PA/VA simple.

INTEVIO is the ideal solution for educational facilities, commercial spaces, hotels and industrial applications requiring a robust and economical solution to support daily operations by providing clear voice communication messages and vibrant background music combined with a fully approved emergency Voice Alarm solution.

System Components

  • RK-MCU
    Master Control Unit, built-in 8 speaker line selector & integrated 500W high efficiency Class-D power amplifier
  • RK-ZONE8
    Zone Expander with single or dual audio channel mode, built-in 8 speaker line selector, 8 dry contact inputs/outputs
  • RK-AMP500
    High Efficiency Digital Power Amplifier, 500W rated output power,100V/70V output. Class D
  • 581726
    Power Supply Unit PSU 24V-1 (<270Ah)
  • RK-MIC
    Remote Call Station, 8 preset buttons and 8 configurable buttons, optional gooseneck or PTT Hand microphone
  • HMC-K8
    Call Station Extension Keypad with 8 programmable buttons
  • HMC-K4
    Call Station Extension Keypad with 4 programmable emergency buttons
  • HN-PTT
    Hand microphone
  • X-NPMS-W
    Lockable Wall Mounted Box for call station
  • HN-AIO2X2
    Audio Control Module (INTEVIO)
  • HN-RTR
    RJ-45 to RCA Convertor (INTEVIO)
  • 581733
    12 V, 210 Ah battery
  • 583731
    12 V, 150 Ah battery
  • 583730
    12 V, 105 Ah battery
  • 583732
    12 V, 65 Ah battery

Find out more about the new products

Visit the INTEVIO Microsite for more information about the new PA/VA system from Honeywell.


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